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According to a personality psychologists' view, interpersonal attraction is a person's qualities that tend to attract by appealing to another person's desires.[Keyword: “attraction”; source: collegiate Dictionary, 2000] When measuring interpersonal attraction, one must refer to the qualities of the attracted as well as the qualities of the attractor to achieve predictive accuracy.Franklin, graduate student in psychology working with Reginald Adams, assistant professor of psychology and neurology, Penn State."At the most basic sexual level, attractiveness represents a quality that should increase reproductive potential, like fertility or health." On the nonsexual side, attractiveness can be perceived on the whole, where brains judge beauty based on the sum of the parts they see.This is often researched in the form of physical attraction.It is also similar to some of the theorems outlined in Uncertainty Reduction Theory, from the post-positivist discipline of communication studies.

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ABSTRACT: This phenomenological inquiry investigated the loneliness experienced by recovering alcoholics.I have not "popped" the question, but she tells me she wants to get married often. I am old fashioned and want to take extravagant measures when proposing. that I needed to spend more time with my kids anyway.You know, the perfect place and time, all unknown to her... She started crying and told me she didn't want to date anyone..It is suggested that to determine attraction, personality and situation must be taken into account.

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Repulsion is also a factor in the process of interpersonal attraction, one's conception of "attraction" to another can vary from extreme attraction to extreme repulsion.

They discovered that the men who had been considered more attractive were more likely to be divorced or to have had shorter marriages.