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in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.” This is basically what most of us have in mind when asked to define “integrity.” A man of “great integrity” is a man who is honest, forthright, and incorruptible.In the secular faith that is Americanism, George “I Cannot Tell a Lie” Washington is about as good an exemplar of the idea as one can conjure. It’s a bit like when pollsters ask people, “What is your biggest concern?In this installment, we feature an Eastern European superstar who has proven to be a dynamic performer: the scintillating Amirah Adara Continue reading...Posted by morbidthoughts on At first I thought I was going to do a traditional write-up of the latest Exxxotica Expo from Chicago last weekend with my comments on the layout, attendance, my notes and observations, and, of course, corresponding photos along with the links to the galleries on Flickr or Tumblr.” No one says, “The Chargers beat the spread this weekend” or “I think I got the clap from that waitress.” But surely that sort of thing is closer to the truth for most people.

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Regardless, certain answers are expected of us, and so people say things like “entitlement spending” or “the plight of the uninsured.” We say that because it’s the sort of thing we want to believe about ourselves. Every animal has the thought, “I want to have sex.” Many animals — mostly the better ones — might have something like the thought (or, if you want to be pedantic, the ): “I want to reproduce.” Only humans think: “I want to marry a nice Jewish girl who’d make a good mother.” Badgers don’t think to themselves, “I must crush all of my enemies so I can rule supreme as the emperor of the North Woods and have my choice of the finest badger sows to copulate with.” It is the desire to have moral or immoral desires and the decision to act upon them that defines humanity at its best.

Integrity is the measure — or at least one important measure — of how successful we are at acting on our desire to have the right desires.

The initial, unsuccessful investigation of the congressman lasted two years and centered on suspicious funding for his 2010 election campaign.

Many of Grimm’s business associates and other contacts were pursued during this time, often booked on separate but related charges, and pressured to testify against him. (Update: prosecutors have now disclosed who cooperated–see below). A mental patient con artist turned government informant. A fundraising paramour from Houston with questionable business practices. A mystical Rabbi with a seemingly generous congregation on the Upper West Side. These are the characters who inhabited the universe of Congressman Michael Grimm.Clockwise from top left: Bennett Orfaly (via Youtube), Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto (Wikimedia Commons), Josef Von Habsburg (Oakland County Sherriff’s Office), Carlos Luquis (Texas Attorney General’s Office), Ofer Biton (Failed Messiah), and Diana Durand (Linked In). Here’s a run-down: Though ultimately Congressman Grimm may have done himself in with his own brazen stubbornness, leading him to lie in a deposition rather than settle a civil lawsuit early [NY Daily News], the substance of which now forming the basis of the indictment against him, these characters and their loose ends no doubt gave prosecutors plenty of trails to start with, and likely hardened them into a commitment to bring Grimm down.represented the “Healthalicious” workers in a civil lawsuit.

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That comes on top of a breach involving as many as 500 million Yahoo users that the company reported in September of this year but which took place in 2014. Not all emails that look like they come from Yahoo are legit.… continue reading »

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